Wolfgang Puck's "CUT" steakhouse in Las Vegas sporting custom elliptical Tulip Tables.

Glass Juno Table in the home of Muhammad Ali, Louisville, Kentucky.

Two Klazo Taborets as seen in the NY Times.

These Arc Lamps have custom fabric shades and bronze patinas, and are located in the Allison Resort & Spa, Willamette Valley, Oregon.

Samurai Dining Table with a carved top and granite and stainless steel logo insert.

A six foot diameter black granite table top with a painted steel base and boasting a sculpture which illustrates the triad of aerodynamic simulation: and commissioned by the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountainview, CA

Torso Table in a Miami living room.

As seen in a San Francisco living room.

Cut Steakhouse Tulip Table Glass Juno M Ali House Taboret Lamp Allison Resort Samurai Steel Logo Insert Torso Table Miami San Francisco Home