solo-II-t42 solo-II-t42-detail T/4/2
14" x 10" x 23"H
solo-II-samurai-cocktail solo-II-samurai-cocktail-detail Samurai Cocktail
48"W x 24"D x18"H
solo-II-custom-dining-table solo-II-custom-dining-table-detail Samurai Dining
72"W x 36"D x 29"H
solo-II-ripples-cocktail solo-II-ripples-cocktail-detail Ripples Cocktail Table
60" x 36" x 18" H


The diminutive T/4/2 stands with a stainless steel or bronze upright and top surface, attached to a wooden base with subtle detailing.

Customization is available upon request.

Samurai Cocktail

The bold Samurai cocktail table combines stone, carved wood, and metal detailing into a simple and elegant statement.

Customization available upon request.

Samurai Dining

This table was commissioned for a luxury boat to seat 4-6 diners and exhibits the boat's logo in the center of the top.

Ripples Cocktail Table

This grand scale cocktail table boasts a 1" thick cast glass Fresnel lens centerpiece.

  • solo-II-t42-thumbT/4/2
  • solo-II-samurai-cocktail-thumbSamurai Cocktail
  • solo-II-custom-dining-table-thumbSamurai Dining
  • solo-II-ripples-cocktail-thumbRipples